Why BillboardEmail?

For most people, email marketing can be like a maze. So many twists and turns, you don't know quite where to go. And one wrong turn can become a marketing disaster. With BillboardEmail, we know the path. Our solutions are here to help you through the maze of email possibilities. We've traveled the road to email success plenty of times. We're here to help guide you to your own success. Let us share some of the things that make BillboardEmail different than some of the other email service providers out there. Then when you're ready, give us a call at 1-800-434-1851 and well help you start on the path to email success.


What separates BillboardEmail from other Email Marketing solutions? 

Targeted & Relevant
We don’t use batch and blast email marketing. We use a strategic and segmented marketing approach to maximize positive end user responses.
We have invested a great deal of resources to ensure in depth reporting functionality to track relevant metrics and maximize ROI, including the ability for customers to view real-time reporting statistics.
Campaign Analyzation
We offer the ability to analyze email campaigns and get a ‘spam score’. This enables the ability to maximize the likelihood of our email campaigns reaching the user inbox because ISP spam filters will not be triggered by content in the email creative.
In the Email Marketing process, we eliminate any weak links in the chain, delivering consistent, month-over-month growth and maximum ROI.
We believe communication between BillboardEmail and our clients is critical. We want to be on the same page and engage our clients in our email efforts on their behalf.

What we offer:

  • List/Data Management solutions
  • Email Marketing best practices producing high rates of deliverability, opens, and clicks
  • Email ROI’s 4-5 times higher than any other direct marketing solution
  • Relevant email campaigns
  • Personalized email metric analysis that increases effectiveness of overall email strategy
  • Improved deliverability, end-user response creating better results
  • Inbox monitoring services
  • Powerful email campaign monitoring applications for better end-user targeted offers
  • Behavior-based dynamic campaigns
  • Auto-responder and transactional email capabilities
  • Powerful email engine delivers high volume in a short amount of time
  • Ability to email at key times in the day to ensure more end-user engagement
  • Personalized customer communication and support
  • Best Practices white papers for education and support purposes
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